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After roofing, siding in Blue Springs offers protection to your home against elements in your home or business. Moreover, cladding is the most prominent component of any building's design. As such, it can significantly make or break the real estate value and curb appeal of your residential or commercial building. At Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, & Windows, we are a Blue Springs siding company whose aim is to make sure that our clients make informed decisions concerning siding for their business or home.

Residential Vs. Commercial Siding Projects

Commercial projects have needs that surpass those of residential projects. And although the scale of the project varies greatly in terms of material, labor, equipment, cost, among other factors when it comes to residential and commercial projects, here is a siding in Blue Springs installation guide for both:

Step 1:

  • Acquiring the necessary permits. Commercial projects have stricter regulations. As such, a commercial project will require permits. For residential projects, you may or may not need a permit. But that will depend on your local building regulations. Also, small repairs might not require permits at all.
  • Putting in place dumpsters and materials. Residential projects will require fewer materials and dumpsters compared to commercial projects.
  • Discussing the scope of the work and time frame with the Blue Springs siding contractors. Time is money, especially in commercial projects. Owners and the siding company in Blue Springs want to complete the job a soon as possible. For the company, the faster the project is completed, the lower the cost of labor. Contrarily, homeowners tend to make decisions throughout the process, which might add time to the project. The contractors for a residential project are also fewer, which makes the project last longer.

Step 2:

This involves tearing off the existing sliding for both residential and commercial projects. Also, the soffit, fascia, and trim will be removed as necessary. The sheath underneath the wood trim and siding will then be inspected.

The rest of the steps are also similar for both commercial and residential projects. Once step two is completed, the outside and inside corners are installed to avoid water damage in the future. Next, the appearance of a building is improved using J-Blocks while J-Channel is installed to protect the building.

Starters are then installed around the building’s perimeter to hold the first row of the siding in place. The last step, which is optional, involves wrapping soffit, trim, and fascia. After a good siding company in Blue Springs completes a project, they should always make sure they inspect and clean the job site.

Other differences in commercial and residential siding projects are seen in various factors such as:

  • Expertise

Commercial projects require siding contractors who are experienced and skilled in commercial projects, while residential projects require siding contractors who are experts in home siding.

  • Maintenance

The cladding of both commercial and residential projects is chosen based on durability, maintenance, and aesthetics. The easiest siding to maintain is vinyl. It only needs to be washed off and rinsed periodically. Brick siding does not need direct maintenance, while wood siding requires cleaning more regularly.

Most commercial siding doesn't require much maintenance, regardless of the style and material. The siding for commercial buildings is designed to be low maintenance and durable. The most popular cladding for commercial buildings includes stucco, vinyl, and fiber cement. On the other hand, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood are mostly used in residential buildings.

Your Siding Experts

The first thing anyone notices about your house before even your address and landscaping is the siding. Let our Blue Springs windows and siding contractors upgrade your home. With eye-catching colors, second to none installation value, and almost maintenance-free siding options, we will increase the value of your house for years to come. For a free quote, contact us today on MO- 816-353-7663, KS- 913-671-7663, WARRENSBURG- 660-422-7663.

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