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Cabinet Refinishing Atlanta

Article provided by: Eagle Painting

Are you after the ideal cabinet refinishing in Atlanta? Eagle Painting offers affordable, on-time and reliable cabinet refinishing and other kitchen works. We also offer cabinet painting, pressure washing, and interior painting services.

The difference between cabinet replacing and refinishing

Dull and old cabinets can appear drab, making your kitchen unattractive. Worn-out cabinets can add a negative blotch, especially if you are looking to sell your house. The good news is that you can give them a much-deserved makeover.

  • Replacing - As the name suggests, you can replace the old cabinets with brand new ones. You can have a professional company come in with original cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers and affix them, giving your kitchen a brand new vibe. Replacing can be a great option to get rid of rundown and old cabinetry that has evident cracks, nicks, and scratches. The process can take a few days to weeks to complete the job, and you may not be able to use the kitchen until then.
  • Refinishing - If you are looking for economical renovation options for your kitchen, Refinishing is a wise option. You can buy new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, veneer the old cabinet boxes to match the new doors and drawer fronts. For veneering, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes based on your taste, budget, and preferences, and this process does not take as much time as replacing. Refinishing involves paint stripping, staining, painting, and hand sanding; hence, only cabinets in good condition can withstand the process of refinishing.

Is it better to refinish or replace kitchen cabinets?

If you need to make changes to your existing kitchen's appearance and dealing with cracked cabinets and damaged drawers, replacing them is the best option. However, if you are happy with your current kitchen layout and all the furniture is in good condition, refinishing the cabinets is an economically better alternative for you. You can contact us for a spot-on quote on the job, just so you know where you stand.

Our cabinet refinishing in Atlanta focuses on painting your existing drawers and cabinets with the help of techniques such as hand sanding, stripping, etc. However, refinishing is not an option for you if your cabinets are made out of laminate and thermofoil as paint does not stick to these materials.

Can I refinish my wooden kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can refinish, your kitchen cabinets if they are good condition without any cracks or damages. Refinishing involves hand sanding and chemical stripping to remove the existing finish from the wood to applying the new paint. However, you may not be able to refinish cabinets made out of thermofoil and laminate materials. Refinishing cabinets costs only 25% of what replacing of cabinets cost.

We can give your kitchen a brand new revitalizing makeover, call Eagle Painting today! Be it a complete body makeover or just a facelift, we are experts in cabinet refinishing in Atlanta. Call our refinishing experts today, and get an advantageous offer for your kitchen!

Cabinet Refinishing Atlanta
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