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Electrical Repair Liberty Lake

Article provided by: VPC Electric

Electrical Repair Liberty Lake

Electrical Repair in Liberty Lake

The 1960s and early 1970s was an era of some hilarious situation comedies or sit-coms. The Beverly Hillbillies was about a family of backwoods people who discover oil on their property and is urged to move to Los Angeles and live in a posh Beverly Hills mansion by a greedy banker.

This highly rated show resulted in what might be called an “anti-spinoff” sit-com called Green Acres. This show was about a prominent New York attorney, Oliver Wendell Douglass, and his elegant European wife Lisa moving into a ramshackle farmhouse in the fictional small farm town of Hooterville to fulfill Oliver’s dream of being a farmer.

Many episodes of Green Acres focused on the wife “Lisa” adapting to farm life and the many domestic chores that a farmer’s wife was expected to perform. A recurring theme was the electrical wiring of their run-down farmhouse that was nothing more than a series of extension cords leading to a central panel of numbered plugs. Electrical mishaps when Lisa would plug the incorrect number of appliances into the panel was the source of many comedic scenes between Lisa and her husband Oliver.

The Real Green Acres

We all laugh at the plight of Oliver and Lisa in Green Acres, but it is no laughing matter when you suffer an electrical failure at your home. If power is not restored quickly, the food in the freezers and refrigerators may be lost. If you have an at-home business or computer gig the loss of power means a loss of income.

Fortunately, people needing electrical repair in Liberty Lake community of Spokane Valley or the real Green Acres can turn to VPC Electric to restore power.

Since 2004 VPC has served Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and the surrounding areas offering many electrical services including residential and commercial systems, LED and conventional lighting installation and upgrades. They can design and build electrical systems for new construction.

24-hour emergency services by VPC include the removal and replacement of damaged components and will remedy the problem of an overloaded circuit that plagued Mr. & Mrs. Douglass by balancing the power distribution throughout your home.

Update Your Lighting

Every home and business will need ample lighting for security, reading or simply to create an ambiance suitable for any social event. VPC is an expert in lighting additions and repairs. For your business, VPC can install exterior lights for parking lots, neon lighting and security lights. For homes, they will install that chandelier or under-counter lighting and they can give you the latest “smart” technology that will allow you to control the lights, temperature, and timers through a PDA or laptop.

So, if you find yourself in a maze of electrical cords and are constantly resetting your circuit breaker, or if you just want to enjoy the conveniences of an improved electrical system, contact VPC. Their corporate phone number is 208-661-9121, the satellite office number is 509-598-2343 and a toll-free number is 844-715-7233. An email message can be sent to for any non-emergency concern. For emergency electrical repair in  Liberty Lake, the VPC offices are nearby in Spokane for a quick response 24/7.

Electrical Repair Liberty Lake
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