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Marble Restoration Chicago

Article provided by: Prestige Grout, Tile & Stone

Marble Restoration Chicago

A marble floor or wall gives a sophisticated and majestic effect to a lobby, but, even though marble is known for its durability, in time can get stained, dented or scratched. Prestige is an expert in any works of marble restoration in Chicago and can return the lost beauty of your floor, making it shiny again.

How do you restore old marble?

Depending on the status of your marble, we will do a thorough cleaning using specific methods, or we will go for polishing or grinding if needed. During the initial inspection, we will intervene if:

  • Tiles have only surface grime or are deeply stained
  • It has some holes from fixing various electrical appliances or furniture
  • Presents etching or crack signs from dropping heavy objects

In most of the cases, a marble restoration in Chicago will include removal of scratches or damages through a diamond grinding. During the process, we will use a large amount of water, and, as a restoration professional, we will take care of it and protect the surrounding areas.

After removing the stains and scratches, we will then polish the marble for a shiny effect. Natural stone should reflect light naturally, without waxing the surface, and this is what we will achieve by polishing the surface. The last step will require applying a quality sealer, to prevent any future staining.

Cleaning and shining marble floors

It is not difficult to remove the surface grime from your marble by using some mild dish detergent or even hot water. Even though marble seems to be a hard stone, its surface is porous and needs extra care when cleaning it:

  • Hot water – is the most straightforward and efficient solution in removing dirt and grease. Even if you prepare a mixture to clean the marble, we would advise you to use hot water.
  • Distilled water – tap water may contain minerals and impurities that can lead to discoloring or staining the stone. An excellent choice to avoid this is the distilled water.
  • pH neutral detergent – if you think it is required, add a few drops of a mild soap when mopping the floor. We would advise you to use a soft mop head, preferably microfiber type, and make sure you thoroughly rinsed the detergent.

Avoid using any chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, or even vinegar as these may stain your floor. However, if the marble is in bad shape, a professional restoration may be the right solution for you.

Can marble be resurfaced?

A simple response is yes can be resurfaced. In case you never did it before, try it first on a small, hidden area to avoid spoiling a big floor or a countertop. If you find the results unsatisfactory, we would advise you to look for professional marble restoration in Chicago.

The process of resurfacing involves removing a thin layer of the marble top by using a diamond grinding tool. Our Prestige technicians will complete the project by polishing the surface and applying a sealant coat.

Marble Restoration Chicago
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Marble Restoration Chicago
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